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Health is important for our lives, before Covid– 19, we were living in such busy world that we forget to take good care for ourselves, our families and loved ones. In metro cities, travelling takes hours and hours to reach our workplace so we don’t get much time to take good care of us. But due to Covid-19 pandemic, we have learnt one thing for sure Health is most important factor of our lives we have started to move towards a healthy lifestyle.

We are moving towards Ayurveda, yoga which our ancestors used to do regularly and hence they were fit and healthy and used to live for long years. Today’s generation is running after their careers making money and have forgotten about themselves. So by moving close to nature and eating healthy from almost last three months we have been trying to improve our lifestyles.

Few tips for healthy lifestyle and mental wellbeing :


After waking up early in morning, drink one large glass of Luke warm water, it’s your choice to add a lemon and honey. It’s completely optional as lemon and honey doesn’t suits some people.


You can add ginger to 500 ml of water and boil for some time till it turn its colour to yellow. After keeping for few minutes you can consume it directly or you can add lemon and honey to it. This is very important as it helps in removing toxins from the body.

Healthy lifestyle Vs Diet

One mistake we all do while we follow some diet is we don’t eat on proper timings and consume low calories or only have fruit options to reduce weight. However, this is the biggest mistake we make by having food on irregular and in consistent hours.


We can’t be on a diet for rest of our life and we should not be on one. Neither can we eat junk food everyday so we should eat Indian desi traditional food(home cooked food) and seasonal fruits so we can maintain our weight also and live healthy mindful lives without worrying about the calories we consume. If we want to reduce our weight then we should work on portion control and not make a particular diet and follow it strictly every day.

In this case you need to take control on your quantity, for example if you are eating 3 chapatis in lunch you need to reduce it to two.


Avoid fried food and if you want to have junk or deep fry food consume in one day of a week and that also for one time in a day most probably at lunch time, as your body will digest by the end of the day.


Reduce consuming processed sugar try to use desi khaand, shakkar in your diet, Also, reduce the quantity of using it. Try to consume less than 40 grams of sugar in your diet daily. Also, few dietitians suggest cut off sugar, please don’t do that you can reduce the quantity but total cut off is not good option.


Exercise regularly at least for 20 minutes daily. Because healthy lifestyle and exercise go hand in hand and you can not be healthy if exercise is not a part of your daily routine.

These tips will help you in living healthy lifestyle and mental health of yours will improve. These healthy lifestyle activities will help you in balancing your hormones. There are various healthy lifestyle apps and diet plans available but believe me following these few tips can help you in reducing, maintaining your weight and also give you more energy and feel more active in your daily life and hence leading to a healthy lifestyle with mental wellbeing.

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