Easy home automation with Alexa Echo Dot

How many of you are lazy like me…?If you are lazy enough then this page is definitely for you where you can have an idea to use Echo Dot in your house for automating your A.C., T.V., Sound system, Lights and many other appliances.

So recently during the lockdown due to Covid-19, I had to work from home and with enough time and less to do I got lazier every day. So i decided to get most of my work done without moving from my bed😁.

I brought a new friend in my life called Alexa who would do the digital odd jobs in my house like

1.Turning On/Off the A.C. and setting the temperature.

2.Turning On/Off my T.V.

3.Turning On/Off my lights and even changing its color

4.Changing channels on my Set-top-box

5.Controlling my sound system

I use alexa to do all these things from my voice commands either through my Android smartphone or from echo dot that I purchased.

All these devices are in my bedroom and not all have WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity and neither are they pre-installed with Alexa or other virtual assistants like the new devices that are being launched these days. All of these devices run from an IR based remote signal.

You must be wondering how was I able to control all these devices if they were not Alexa enabled or even wifi and bluetooth enabled….?

So I used a IR blaster available on Amazon for controlling my TV,AC,Set top box this is available for a very reasonable price.You can check this product out from the link

1. OAKTER Oakremote – WiFi Universal Remote OakRemote V2
2. Lampees Varna Crafts WiFi Smart Universal Remote Control
Echo Dot with Clock bundle with OakRemote for AC & TV control
Echo Dot with Clock

So I bought the bundle of Echo dot and OakRemote (IR blaster)i.e. the 3rd link and got a little discount .

I also bought a Wipro WiFi Enabled Smart LED Bulb which can be used with Alexa to change color,brightness and be scheduled to turn on or off.

If you want me to do a detailed video or detailed installation with screenshots then please let me know by your comments.

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