Learning from your parents…

All of us want to be independent and free after a certain age but don’t want to listen to our parents or their advice. Sometimes we are irritated even by very small little things said by our parents. We tend to think that once we will be independent, once we will have a job then we will do things our way and there would be no restrictions by our parents as they no longer would be watching us. The discipline, the very basic habits or should i say habits that were forced by our parents benefit us in an unknown way. Learning from parents happens continuously without us even realizing it. One such incidence which clearly explains this is..

The Story :

A boy when he was little, his parents asked him to be punctual, they asked him to do things like filling up the water bottles and put them in the fridge and even remember to turn every home appliance when ever there was no one using them, even asked him to turn of the tap and if he ever saw water being wasted. They asked him to control his temper and always respect others no matter if the other person was younger,of the same age or older than him. His parents always taught him to never lose hope and keep trying and even if he failed to do something right, they asked him to learn from it.

They asked him to clean his room everyday ,do his laundry on his own ,keep his dishes in the sink when ever he finished eating, they taught him to cook and even wash the dishes.Now the boy grew up and as soon as possible wanted to leave the house,leave his parents and stay independently after his college once he finds a job. He wanted to control his life on his own and steer his live in which ever direction he wanted to. He went for several interviews but was not selected but he never stopped trying which was a learning from his parents. So one day he went for an interview and was asked to sit in a room with other candidates who came for the interview. Every candidate was called one by one and finally the boy was asked to go in a room.

The boy went inside the room but he did not find anyone in there so he sat on a chair and started looking around the room, there he saw a fan running,a flower pot kept near the window,all the lights turned on, the A.C. chilling the room to 21 degrees, the pen stand kept on the table, the certificates and paintings on the wall and he also noticed water flowing from the water dispenser. So he went up to the water dispenser and turned it off and sat back on his seat. After a minute the interview coordinator came into the room and tells him that the interview was not in this room and he would have to go to another room for the interview.

The boy was irritated but he smiled and started to head out of the room. So before leaving he switched off the light, fan and the A.C. from the switches near the exit and went to the other room with the interview coordinator. As soon as he went into the room he saw a man sitting on a chair and he greeted this man with a smile and asked his permission to sit down on the chair kept exactly opposite to the man. The man who was going to take his interview started with saying when can he join and what salary is he expecting. The boy fumbled and said “sorry ! I don,t understand”.

The interviewer said that you have been selected. The boy being confused asked him “but you have not asked me a single question, and I have not spoken a word, then how can you select me ?”

The interviewer replied with a smile that “That your actions were enough for me to know about you and hire you”

The boy was still confused and asked “What actions”

The interviewer said”The actions of Turning off the water dispenser and saving the water ,the action of switching the lights, fan and A.C. off before leaving the room.”

He explained that a person who cares about the resources and tries not to waste them is definitely a person who is going to do his best for the company and will care about the company like he cares about even the small things.

Conclusion :

The boy realized that learning from his parents and learning forced on him was for his good only ,they asked him all this so he could become independent and learn to face the challenges in life, respect everyone and every thing, use the resources wisely.

Our parents sometimes scold for very little things and we feel irritated because of those but their aim is to make us learn and not to insult.They want us to become a better person everyday and learn from the very little things and experiences they have from their life and pass on all the good things to their children. Learning from your parents is important and so call your parents today and tell them how great full you are to them for all the things they taught us even if they were forcefully ,thank them for helping us become a better person we are and we will be.

You have to grow and learn from your experiences and do not care what people will think when you do something

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