Low calorie Healthy food

Today I have come with great options for those who wants to consume low calorie healthy food.

Low calorie vegetarian food in morning

There are many options for healthy breakfast but you should always remember to have a big and heavy  king size breakfast in morning to remain fit and healthy and look more and more beautiful and young.

Have one stuffed paratha with 1 table spoon ghee and milk tea with 1 small table spoon of khand or shakkar in it, you will feel full for next 3 – 4 hours. Consume your breakfast by 9 A.M.

You can have different options for breakfast like on Monday have one stuffed mix paratha

Tuesday have Poha with lots of vegetables (tomato, capsicum, onions, green chili, pea nuts, add few drops of lemon) in it with milk tea. This is one of the best filling and healthy option for vegetarians

Wednesday have besan chilla, add vegetables in it, consume it with milk tea.

Thursday have wheat Pasta with less sauces and consume with milk tea or you can have mix fruit Juice with it

Friday have one Aloo Paratha with milk tea.

Saturday have vegetable sandwich with milk tea or Juice

Sunday you can have Tadka Idli or you can have Idli sambhar with milk tea

These 7 days breakfast options will keep you healthy and are low calorie food and will keep you full for long hours. If you need recipes for them please let me know in comments will love to share with all.

Mid breakfast

This is completely optional, I know many will say this is not appropriate but yes this is something which is optional because the breakfast options shared above have calorie count to 300 – 400, which is completely heathy option and after consuming these options you will never feel hungry but no worries I have few very nutritious mid snack options for you.

Few mid breakfast options are:

First, 5 soaked almonds, this is the best option preferred by many dieticians.

Almonds is rich in fibre, Vitamin E, which is good for skin and hair

Second option is any seasonal fruit, in Summers you can have mango, litchi, papaya, muskmelon, watermelon. Also you may add some sunflower and pumpkins seeds. These are a few good option for snacking, can be consumed for mid snacking in evening also.

Third is consume Mosami Juice which is rich in Vitamin C.

Low calorie healthy food for lunch

Consume Dal (any) with green leafy vegetable (any) with 2 chapatis and salad, also have plain curd,

this is best option for lunch or you can consume rice. Try to consume boil rice as it is the best source of carbohydrates but boiling the rice reduce the calories count.

Mid evening snack options

Roasted Makhanas with green tea or milk tea. Makhanas are rich in calcium.

You can also have hand full of roasted Chana with milk tea or green tea

Or you can have two brown bread slices with milk tea or milk

Low calorie healthy food for dinner

Dinner is the last meal of the day and many people have lots of calories during night either they go out for parties, dinner or meet their friends which is totally fine. We live in social world and in this new era we love to hangout in evening with our friends or loved ones which is completely good. This happens mostly in metro cities where as in small towns people prefer once in a week to go out with families.

We can plan accordingly, restrict to 2 days in week or 1 day, to have this cheat meals. Many dieticians say if you want to consume cheat meals consume them during lunch, I also said this in my previous blog post. Yes, we say this but social life cannot be neglected. This is part of our lives, we all know if we have plan for dinners we know them in advance I always say we can plan our day accordingly because ideally we need to consume 1200 – 1400 calories every day for healthy living.

If we know in advance that we have dinner plans with our families or loved ones we have two options either we eat accordingly that day and consume more in night, basically we need to balance our calories. I usually count my calories using myfitnesspal app you can try this app if you want this is totally your choice it has an option for free tracking of calories for one month.

Or you can opt for few options in dinner for parties, that is Paneer tikka, mushroom tikka, vegetable soup these are best option available in all parties and any place you go

Can have tandoori roti with any dal (take care of quantity) with vegetable and salad.

Avoid consuming Alcohol, if you really want to consume, try to consume once in a week.

For deserts best option is badam kulfi or you can have one scoop of vanilla ice cream. Avoid chocolates, if you really have cravings for chocolates go for Amul dark chocolate. Having homemade food in dinner is good option, try to have khichdi this will help you in good sleep. You can have homemade soups with vegetable salad

I never recommend for dieting because we can never be on diet for rest of our lives. Our body need some healthy nutritious food.

You can also have one chapatti with green leafy vegetable or dal. Try to finish your dinner by 8:30 P.M. at most.

Few dieticians recommend to have dinner by 7 P.M. But they forget very less people don’t work in metropolitan cities and most of us go to offices and maximum have timings 9:30 A.M. to 6:30 P.M, and it takes 1 to 2 hours of travelling in big cities so this is hectic for most of us. I agree in small cities people can have dinner by 7P.M. but in metropolitans it’s impossible. Try to sleep for 6 hours minimum to 8 hours maximum. Again I would say in big cities its hard for working people who have such long working hours but try to have 8 hours of sleep as it will delay your aging process.

End notes

Do like my articles and share them if you feel like they are useful. Also you can mention in comments if you want some more tips regarding health and food. Also comment if you want to know best options to have in Mac Donald’s and Pizza hut or domino’s . Here I would make one thing clear we cant completely cut off visiting or travelling to different places with friends, family or loved ones but we can choose wisely our food options at different places. So do let us know we can help you with it but yes you need to go once or twice in a week to these places. Try to go once that will give better results. Also recommend you all to work out for 20 min daily. Don’t go harsh to yourself but you can do brisk walk for 20 min or power yoga for 10 min. Try to give at least 20 min to your body it works magic and you feel active and refresh and this will help in reducing stress.

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